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Tips for Baking the Perfect Cookie

So you followed  the cookie recipe for the most part exactly so why do your cookies look like less than cookbook picture quality? There may be a number of reasons your cookies are not coming out how they are supposed to. Here you will find a couple tips for baking the perfect cookie.

Chocolate Chip CookiesOnce you get your recipe you want to make your grocery list. Make your list based on what the recipe asks for and do not use substitutes. Getting the perfect cookie is mostly due getting the best quality ingredients. The makers of the recipe did the experimenting and gave you just what works right together so if you will be serving up your cookies to guests this is not the time to experiment or add your own twist.

When starting your recipe will talk about butter, it is always better to start with cold butter since warm butter will result in a more runny cookie batter which results in a flatter cookie. your eggs should be at room temperature so you w ill want to remove them from the refrigerator at least 20 minutes prior to starting your baking. Eggs that are at room temperature will help the sugar to be dissolved into the wet ingredients. Then once you are done with your dough you should stick it into the refrigerator to ensure that all the dough is consistently the same temperature throughout – this will allow your cookies to bake evenly. You can opt to refrigerate the dough or you can cut out the cookies and refrigerate then on their baking sheets.

When sectioning dough to make individual cookies you want to use something to ensure that they stay uniformed. Use a cookie cutter, a melon baller or a small ice cream scoop to create the desired cookies. This will create consistent cookies that will look consistent and will be baked more evenly as well.

Set your oven temperature lower by reducing the temperature to 50 degrees fewer than required by the recipe. You will need to add a couple minutes to your baking time but  you will end up with cookies with a softer center and an exterior that is nice and crispy. When you have a couple minutes left on the clock for baking you want to stick around the oven to ensure that you get them out promptly because even a minute more can do damage to the quality of your cookies.

The minute your cookies are done cooking and you have tested them and found that they are in deed done you should remove them from the cookie sheet. This is because the heat trapped in the cookie sheet will continue to cook the cookies even though you have removed them from the oven.

Following these tips can help you to bake the perfect cookie, the cookie that looks good and tastes good being soft without being gooey on the inside and crispy without being too hard on the outside.

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